Company Principles

Our company principles state that our product is produced keeping in mind the health and the safety of the consumers. We own a lovely healthy tea plantation that is organic on the whole. The plants that we grow are taken care of personally and that is how we are able to guarantee the quality of the produce. Our tea and coffee plantation has been rated as one of the best in the industry simply because we care about our customers. We, three generations of knowledge and skill in the field, have a combined experience of thirty years when it comes to tea growing and picking. It is not just something that we have learned and perfected over time but we are proud to say that tea is in our blood.

The first thing you will notice about the store is the happy customers. Our company’s principles simply revolve around what we can do to make our customers happy. It is a beautiful circle, come to think of it. Our care keeps the customers happy. Happy customers make our day. We are very clear on where we stand with our products and consumers. When you visit our store, you will not leave empty-handed. There is something for everyone and every mood. You are more than likely to save not just your time but your money as well.

We are aware of the various benefits that tea has to offer to you and therefore we take care of the plant and the tea making process such that the healthy nutrients such as the antioxidants are not destroyed or lost. We are very careful about the storing and the distribution of the raw material and the finished goods as well. Rest assured; you are safe, healthy and happy consuming our tea.